Over the past two months, I have had the Tax Proposal on my mind and it isn’t simply because I am a Tax Geek.  The Proposal from my first read was concerning, not only to me, a Small Business Owner who uses a Private Corporation, but to my Community and the businesses within it.

As seen in my prior blog posts on the topic, I shared my analysis and in another I brought forth a call to action to address your MP on the matter.

I had the pleasure of presenting the contents of the Tax Proposal to the St. Stephen Area Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, September 13th to approximately 75 Chamber members, along with our MP, Karen Ludwig.  The goal of the presentation was to educate and inform, which it was.

From that presentation, numerous Chamber members asked me to share my submission to Karen so they could have a better understanding of the Proposal and the effects of the Proposal.  This blog post does just that.  I am attaching a PDF copy of my letter to Karen.

How the Tax Proposal Affects My Business and My Community – Jason Rideout

My hope is that you take a few minutes to read my submission and take some time to provide your own submission to Karen or your local MP on this matter.  I believe it is important that you share your position on the Tax Proposal, even if you do not agree with me, because in the end, the Consultation period needs to provide the Department of Finance and our elected officials the information they need to ensure tax legislation is structure to work in the way it was intended to.

My letter calls for an extended consultation period, more detail and clarity in respect of the legislation itself and finally, have our elected officials represent their constituents based on the voices and comments they have heard since July 18, 2017.

The submission deadline is October 2, 2017, a mere two weeks away.  I would encourage you to write your letter, mail it or drop it off at Karen’s office directly.  What exactly will the next steps be after October 2nd?  I am not sure, but I stand ready for the round!