Business Consulting

At ANR, we believe that our clients work hard to build value, whether it is personally or within their businesses, and we want to ensure that they maximize the value that they retain.  Our Tax and Estate Planning services provide that opportunity to our clients.

For over 15 years, ANR partner, Jason Rideout, CA, TEP has dealt with owner managed businesses and individuals assisting them in building a tailored comprehensive and flexible tax plan that meets their goals and objectives.

When dealing with tax planning, each situation is unique and at ANR, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to tax planning.  Each tax plan is tailored to our client based on the facts of the situation and goals and objectives of the individual or the business.  At ANR, we take the time to build a plan that our clients are comfortable with and understand.

Our process behind building a tax plan includes a detailed fact finding process and discussions with the client to get a clear understanding of what their goals and objective are.  Plan and simple, we listen to our clients.  From there, we look for various options and plans that could be implemented for our clients and we deliver these options and provide a recommendation to our client.

Throughout a tax planning process, we work closely with our client and their advisors.  At ANR, we feel that including other advisors such as lawyers, bankers and financial advisors is key in ensuring that the client is maximizing their tax planning opportunity.  Having everyone involved ensures that the plan is implemented right the first time and the plan operates smoothly.

We have extensive experience in preparing tax plans associated with incorporations, corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and implementation of trusts.