Happy New Year!

We have a few changes at ANR to start the New Year.

It is important to us for you to know what those changes are and what they mean to you.

Kicking off the New Year, we will become ANR Chartered Professional Accountants P.C. Inc., but you can still call us ANR!

You will still find us at 123 Milltown Boulevard in St. Stephen and at 37 Main Street in St. George.  All our contact information stays the same.  Same phone numbers, same emails, and same fax number (yes, we still accept faxes).

On January 1, I will become the sole owner of ANR.  I know what you are thinking, how is one person going to handle all of the clients of ANR.  Here is the answer to that question.  I want to introduce the ANR Client Approach, the new foundation for ANR client service.

The ANR Client Approach

We are your trusted Advisors, and we know that you depend on us.  That is why ANR has assembled a team of Professionals that will help you navigate the world of Accounting, Tax and Business Consulting, and Estate Planning.

As a client of ANR, you will have primary contact(s) that will work closely with you.  These contacts will know you and all aspects of your situation and will be able to respond quickly to your requests.  We will continue to be the Approachable Accountants.

We will draw from the strengths of the Members of the ANR team for your engagements.  Whether it be bookkeeping, tax filings, business analysis, financial statements, business consulting, tax consulting, estate planning or a battle with CRA, the right team member for the engagement will be available to you.

With the new approach, you are in good hands.  ANR has built a qualified team of Professionals that have the privilege of working with you, our clients.

The ANR Team will be led by myself and the Senior Management Team, made up of three amazing Professionals.  Vicki Legacy, CPA, Kayla Leslie, CPA and Ashley Parker have the experience and knowledge to assist you.  Vicki, Kayla and Ashley will be taking a more active role as primary client contacts.  As clients, you will get to work with them more closely and you will soon realize why I hold them in such high regard.

Along with the Senior Management Team, ANR has a team of nine to assist you. You will have an opportunity to work with these great individuals who bring a breadth of knowledge, skills and experience to the ANR Client Approach.

David Archambault, FCPA, FCGA will continue to be part of the ANR team in 2023.  As he transitions into retirement, Dave will be available three days per week.  He will continue to work with ANR clients and ensure a smooth transition for the clients that he has worked with for many years.

Laurie Neathway is settling into retirement, however, she will be available to assist us on clients that she has worked with in the past.

As always, do not hesitate to reach out to discuss the changes that are happening.  We want to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  We want to make sure you understand how things will work moving forward.

In closing, there is going to be some changes.  I am not worried in the least about these changes.  I am excited for the future holds for ANR and you, our clients.  We have grown together over the past 10 years and I look forward to the next 20 years.

Jason Rideout, CPA, CA, TEP


ANR Chartered Professional Accountants P.C. Inc.