For the past three and a half years, ANR has evolved.  From the first meeting in the old office in January 2012, when Dave, Laurie and I met to discuss the idea of me joining the Partnership, none of us imagined the evolution of ANR to happen so quickly.

The reality of our evolution struck me early last week when three new desks arrived in our office to provide us with more working space for the staff.  What started out as a practice in an office with three desks, has become an office of seven desks.  I know that desk count is not a typical measurement of growth or success and I am not saying it is a measure of ANR’s success, not by a long shot.

Looking at the newly assembled desks, I stopped for a minute and thought about what we have here at ANR.  The phrase that sums up ANR’s evolution is simple, “Extraordinary People”.

Extraordinary is defined as: “exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable.”  ANR would not be what it is today without extraordinary people.  Our business revolves around people.  People drive our business model on both sides of the coin, our staff and our clients.  

I have the opportunity everyday to leave a group of extraordinary people (Barb and the girls) each morning to head to our office in downtown St. Stephen to spend the day with another group of extraordinary people.  This group of extraordinary people wear one of two hats.

The first group is the ANR team.  Plain and simple, we have a great team at ANR.  We have steadily built and maintained a service model for our clients that all of our team members believe in.  Each member of our team is here to help our clients, whether it is a minor detail or a major project.  There are numerous examples every day of this.  Whether it is putting the long hours in during March and April, during our “busy season”, shifting gears quickly to assist with an emergency a client may have or making special arrangements to meet with a client outside of “normal” office hours.

The second group is our clients.  Our client base is diverse, from individuals, small and medium size businesses to non-profit organizations and each have their own unique situations.  Every day, we get to work with these individuals and become part of their business and their lives.  We get to be a part of their success and we stand with them in their battles.  Without our clients, there would be no ANR and we want to thank our clients for allowing us to be a part of their journey.

We are always striving to improve on our services and at times it can be a challenge.  We are a small business too and face similar challenges all small businesses face, however we never lose sight of our ultimate goal, providing exceptional service to our extraordinary people by our extraordinary people.

I am very lucky to have myself surrounded by Extraordinary People…

– Jason